• ____
  • Thickness: 16 mm
  • Top layer: 4 mm (nominal value)
  • Support: Phenolic birch plywood
  • Length: 1200 - 2200 mm
  • Width: 120 / 150 / 180 mm
  • Grade: ABC / Rustic

  • ____
  • Italian Walnut

Walnut is the noble essence par excellence of the Italian wood-working tradition. Walnut flooring is hard, stable and resistant, so durable that even nowadays we can find ancient walnut floors of rare beauty. The walnut planks, before the drying process, are subjected to a steam treatment that improves stability and evens the color reducing the difference in colour between the sapwood and the heartwood. However, please note that by nature Walnut has strong and wavy pattern movements and tone variations which represent its characteristic and value.
Depending on availability, and specifications of the raw material, it's produced in different sizes up to a maximum width of 180mm.
The 4 mm top layer, is glued cold on a high quality birch plywood support using vinyl D3 glues formaldehyde free.
From this base, our artisans can brush, scrape, carve, and apply the final finishing, including custom-made colours, using water-based paints, natural oils, dyes and patinas.
Despite the endless possibilities, the walnut's beauty is enhanced by simple treatments, such as water-based paints or natural oil and wax. Our Walnut flooring is 100% Made in Italy.