• ____
  • Thickness: 16 mm
  • Top layer: 4 mm (nominal value)
  • Support: Phenolic birch plywood
  • Length: 1200 - 2200 mm
  • Width: 150 / 180 mm
  • Grade: ABC

  • ____
  • Italian Acacia

What we call Acacia in Tuscany, and in northern Italy more correctly, is called Robinia, is a tree native to North America and brought to Europe in the XVII century, where it was originally used to embellish avenues, parks and gardens. Because of its adaptation capability, it spread rapidly and nowadays it grows spontaneously mainly on the Alps and along the Apennines.
The wood is hard and heavy, stable and elastic, hard to cleave and therefore resistant to mechanical and environmental stresses. The Acacia wood has a duration of over 80 years if exposed to bad weather.
The Acacia planks, before the drying process, are subjected to a steam treatment that improves stability and enhances its warm color.
Its fine texture makes it a very elegant wood that can replace expensive and very precious essences, such as teak, Cherry, Walnut, Wenge or many other exotic tropical varieties.
If properly painted, it resembles the best Burma Teak, with the advantage of being harder and above all more environmentally friendly.
Teak, as a matter of fact, is among the woods that the CITES indicates as ecologically high risk for the damage that its exploitation causes the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia from which it comes from.
The Acacia tree, instead, grows spontaneously in our woods.
As well as teak, Acacia wood has strong color variations that enhance its naturalness and pattern.
Compared to Teak, however, Acacia flooring has much higher values when it comes to resistance to scratches and bangs.
Depending on availability, and specifications of the raw material, it's produced in different sizes up to a maximum width of 180mm.
The 4 mm top layer, is glued cold on a high quality birch plywood support using vinyl D3 glues formaldehyde free.
From this base, our artisans can brush, scrape, carve, and apply the final finishing, including custom-made colours, using water-based paints, natural oils, dyes and patinas.
Our Acacia flooring is 100% Made in Italy.