• ____
  • Thickness: 14 mm
  • Top layer: 4 mm (nominal value)
  • Support: fir strips counterbalanced with pine veneer
  • Length: 600 mm
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Grade: AB / CD
  • Locking system: tongue & groove

  • ____
  • Oiled oak Herringbone parquet

The herringbone parquet, has a very elegant pattern and is usually associated to antique buildings. Euroforest aims on giving it a modern twist adapting to the tastes of the current market, taking advantage of what the construction technology nowadays allows. As a matter of fact this particular flooring uses the same technology of the 3-layer Rustic French oak floorboards, with the same fir wood strips core. It also has the same tongue & groove joints and the same bevelled edges on all 4 sides. It's exactly this bevel, combined with a larger size (100 x 600 mm) and the use of designer finishes strictly oil-based , that make our herringbone parquet elegant and yet contemporary. The alternated “left-right “ joints, make it suitable for many laying patterns. The 3 layers structure and the reinforced joints also allow floating parallel rows installation.

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