• ____
  • Thickness: 13 mm
  • Top layer: 3 mm (nominal value)
  • Support: fir strips counterbalanced with pine veneer
  • Length: 800 - 2100 mm
  • Width: 120 / 150 mm
  • Grade: ABCD

  • ____
  • "Eco" line

The “Eco” Line is an import product entirely based on the recovery and rework of the standard French oak planks. This means it's a 3-layer plank with the same structural features and workmanship of its bigger brothers, the UV lacquered Rustic French oak and the oiled “Old Oak”, from which it differs for its smaller size and the 3 mm top layer(instead of 4 mm). The thinner top layer and measurement, often vary according to the production batches, allowing significant cost savings, while not giving up the dimensional stability, the quality of workmanship and the compliance with emission standards. The 13 mm thickness, thinner than the maxi-planks, allows higher thermal transmittance values, which makes this floorboard particularly suitable to be laid on underfloor heating systems. Given the nature of it's productive recovery, it has measurements that vary depending on the batch, usually in 150/120mm width and in lengths ranging from 800 to 2200 mm. The 3 layers structure , with a core of fir wood strips, allows floating installation, in addition to the obvious glued installation. The current range includes: - a rustic UV lacquered plank available in 2 colours (natural and moka dark brown) and the " old Oak " version with the black stucco and oil finishing.

Standard finishings






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